Cofnod 29




Modryb Roger Redfern

## Lleoliad ansicr ##

...on 19 July 1984 my late aunt was walking on the golden strand by Bae Ceredigion when the earth shook. Her first reaction was that she must have gone dizzy for a few seconds - the long line of the blue sea and the far hills of Llŷn tilted for a few seconds, the beach under her feet shuddered. Soon everything was back to normal... She`d just experienced at first hand the Llŷn earthquake; with a local magnitude of 5.4 on the Richter scale it was the largest onshore shock of the twentieth century in this country. Across the bay on Llŷn proper the quake caused all sorts of problems, from broken crockery to cracking the arch of the gatehouse of Cefnamwlch, originally put up by John Griffith, MP for Caernarfon, in 1607 as a symbol of his rising local status.


Tybiaeth: Lleolwyd cofnod a phwynt 29 yng nghyffiniau Llanbedr, ger Harlech [Llanbedr: 52.812485, -4.152461]

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