Gwalchwyfyn y Taglys

Cofnod 19

19 /10/2012 Annan, Dumfries

Lledred a Hydred: 55.07 -3.62

Sylwebydd: Kenny Seaford, Tywyddiadur

Arbenigwr: BH

Tystiolaeth: Annan: Nature experts were all of a flutter yesterday after it was discovered that a moth found on a garden gate had flown 2,000 miles from Africa. Kenny Sessford, 51, spotted the large insect outside his home in Annan, Dumfries and Galloway. Brian Hammond, a local expert, identified it as a rare Convolvulus Hawk-moth. The moths, which have a wingspan of more than 6in (15cm), are more commonly found in northern Africa and southern Europe. Only a handful have been documented in Scotland in the past ten years.. Mr Hammond said: "1 have been tracking moths for a number of years but I have never seen one of these. The further north you go the more uncommon they become." [GWALCHWYFYN Y TAGLYS] (Kenny Seaford)




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